Weight or Wait?

It is the truth when we say that losing weight is a lot harder than gaining weight. That feeling when a chubby person is called fat, or big, or body shamed in any way is not one that goes away easily. It leaves an impact in such a way that either motivates a person or breaks them entirely.

Losing weight at any age is a complete process that not only takes a lot physically, but mentally as well. The ratio goes something like 25% of exercise, 75% of diet, and a 100% of mental focus. Just like a little slip can cause a major blunder, similarly, any kind of tweak might not get the desired results. The end goal is to be healthy, whether being thick or thin. Here are some ways which might help you lose weight gradually without disrupting or making a dent in your mental health.

Calorie deficit: Starving helped no one! Do not deprive yourself of your favourite food. Rather eat everything that you like, but in proportion. Excess to anything is bad, whether it be gossip, tv, or food. Just make sure you burn more calories than you are consuming.

Have water: Cannot stress it enough, but have water, and a good amount of it. Let the toxins flow out of your body like the toxic people out of your life.

Eat your greens: Include as much of those green coloured vegetables in your life as you do with including unnecessary opinions from people around you. Make space for the greens rather than the unsolicited words of advice that we keep on receiving.

Get enough sleep: Grab those 7 hours of sleep which never harmed a soul. What better than sleep to let go of your worries?

And at last, trust the process. You will give up and you will begin again. You might lose hope, and you might slip again. But take your time and follow the plan.

Reposted from my blog written for The Times of India, https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/blogs/lifestyles-online/weight-or-wait/

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