Treading on a journey we all have to take

Since the day we are born, we are told how to talk, how to behave, how to live. They teach us a lot of things, things that will help us in the future, things that will make us grow. However, what we are not told is how to keep going. Even at the best or worst of our times, how to push ourselves. How to overcome issues and traumas. How to go on even when we are at the lowest.

Many a time, when we do not know the answer, we try to make light of those situations. Some minor issue for one person might be a life altering moment for the other. The effect we have because of the moments that we go through in our life can make or break a person.

In the Indian society, mental health was always a topic which was not taken seriously, though thanks to the social media, things are changing drastically. Mental wellbeing is now being given equal importance as physical health. What is mental health, though? In simpler words, it’s a healthy mind. Mind which is making you do all the activities that you are doing. The way you are behaving, talking, feeling, and thinking. Mind which should be healthy in order to keep doing these things correctly.

Some people simply think being mentally unwell means being mentally retarded. What they do not know are the struggles that a mentally unwell person goes through. The zoning out, the irritation, the turmoil of emotions, the restless days and nights, the itch to escape the beckoning darkness, the feel to simply not exist and dissolve into nothingness. It is difficult. If someone has gone through it, does not mean that they wanted to. They wanted to be well; they wanted to get out of that shell. Only there’s was no right way to follow, nobody to hold hands through the way.

What we need to teach ourselves, and the generation after us, is how do we move? Move from the experiences, the situations, the moments. To reach a certain destination is applaudable, however, to keep going even after falling a hundred times is nothing less than commendable.

There are many things that can help a person on the journey of being mentally well. A support system, for one, can help tremendously. Support from people who do not judge, who do not put their opinions, just an ear to listen and hold hands. Of course, there are various activities that one can try as well, totally depending on a person’s interest and the will to be consistent to get better. Drawing and painting, meditation, working out in gym or yoga, some quality time with friends and family are some things that have worked for many. Being active and creative is something which takes a lot of focus and work, and can help a person out in getting out of their zone for the better.

In the end, it’s all about taking one step. A step towards the right direction which we need to make. Only then we can go through one day at a time.

Reposted from my blog written for The Times of India,

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