Because age is just a number

Last month, I met a lady, very smart and vocal, who looked in her thirties. However, as we spoke, I got to know that she actually is in her fifties. So surprised I was, especially when I, myself, was looking way older than her, despite the age gap of almost 30 years.

As we kept on conversing, she told me about her journey. How despite getting married at 19, being a single mother and the sole earner, she had broken down the societal norms and kept herself going. There were many fights, both verbally and mentally. Various professions changed, and life kept on taking turns for better and for worse, yet she always came out stronger and better than before. 

She said, “People will always try to pull you down, especially when they do not have a purpose in their own life. They will mock you, they will gossip about you, and they will turn their back on you. It is in our own hands how we want to spend our life. Age is just a number, and it is for us to decide when it is correct for certain things.”

In Indian society, people have a habit of defining everything using numbers, especially the number of age. Age is so and so, it’s time to get the person married. Divorced at the age of this, what will happen now? Age is such, yet there is no kid. Oh, your age is now this, yet you are not stable. Why so? 

Well, my question is, why is it anybody’s concern if someone is not married, has a kid, or is not stable? Because, definitely, it is not any of your concern. More so, rather than the people in the family, it is the outsiders who are oh, so concerned about our well being. 

Being in our twenties does not mean that it is time to settle down both in career and family. It does not mean that we cannot change our profession and come out flourishing. It does not mean that we need to copy other people of our age. There is no comparison, because at the end, age is just a number, which does not define the failures or success of our life.

Reposted from my blog written for The Times of India,

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