Snippet 2

The place which carries the fondest of memories, where the reality sets in, the struggles of life imagined, genuine bonds formed, and true faces of people seen.

The one and only place it is: college.

The jitters in entering the new phase to life, from a teenager to an adult, is what comes to mind when we think about. The beginning of another new chapter, which is filled with laughter, cries, friendships, heartbreak, and many sorts of memories.

Oh, how I wish we could go back to live those moments again and again, the place which taught us the actual meaning of life.

When some of us stood on our feet, and some of us finally got the freedom to live.

While some of us grabbed the opportunity to make the most of it, and some of us let the days go by laughing.

When bunking the lectures was a win and borrowing the notes were the actual struggle.

While making new friends, some stood with you forever, and some just got lost in a separate world.

The only place where both good and bad memories exist, and the will to experience it never dies.

The experiences we gained, the people we met, the knowledge we received, and the memories we made, is something which will always be precious to all of those for whom this was the turning point in life, a place to grow and transform into an adult which is now living a life and remembering those good old days.

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