Way back Home

When the sun rises, and you turn towards the person next to you, to check on them.

When you get ready for work, and hurriedly take your coffee along with you, and maybe skip the breakfast.

When at the office, you enjoy work as much as you enjoy working with your colleagues.

When while coming back, you simply buy some flowers with no reason for your family to make them happy.

When at night, cooking is not a chore, but an activity for everyone to spend the time together.

When just before sleeping, you look at the sky with your partner beside you.

It’s when you stop thinking about what everyone else is thinking about, and judging you or passing comments. It’s when you prioritize your own happiness over everything else.

When doing what you really want to is the ultimate form of prize. It’s when people support you instead of gossiping about you. When you can sleep peacefully without stressing about imaginary things. That is when you know you are at home. Home which is not just a person or place, but which is you, who is comfortable and at peace.

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