The Way of Life

For us humans, many of us are more or less the same. We love to compare and complain. It is not how we are born, but something that we have incorporated into our lifestyle.

It can be a thing as simple as a phone or as complex as life. It can be the physical beauty or the inside persona as well.

The life of another person always seems so fascinating, so amazing that we forget even our lives might seem wonderful to the other person. The life of a party or the guest of honour, the fame, the fabulous materials, the bliss of every good day, are some things that we usually see and crave for.

It can be everything. Or it can be nothing. We see what we want for ourselves, the recognition, success, money, peace, family, or our greatest desires. What we do not see is the struggle that is behind it, the loneliness that some people might feel, the criticism that some people face, the struggles that they go through every single day.

Just like a coin has two sides, every one of has two faces and different stories that we carry with us. There’s bad, and there’s good. And we cannot have one without the other.

We have to struggle in order to achieve what we want. We have to give in order to get.

When we look at others, we see what we crave for. We see what we want to and ignore the many pitfalls that people might have faced; we overlook the hardships that a person might have gone through. It is the ladder that takes a person to the top; the broken steps on the way are a part of it. A part of it is the struggle to climb. The many falls are a part of it.

Where there’s a content and smiling face, there’s a story of struggles and self growth as well.

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