Let Go!

When we feel things spiralling out of our fingers, we try to grab onto them, not realising the damage we do to our hand or to that thing by holding them too hard in order to save them.

I feel it’s the same with all our situations in life as well. Whether it be anything, we try to cling onto it, because our emotions and feeling are too strong. We do not want to let go. Letting go is the easiest thing to do that there is, yet it’s the hardest when we think of it from our heart and not our mind.

Ever felt free from everything? No limitations, no explanations, no worries, no emotions. Just peace in your mind, body, and soul?

That’s what letting go is. Letting go in every sense to feel something else, something which is more that everything. The peace in your heart, that silence in your mind, and no thoughts around. Oh, the picture it paints. If only it could be as easy to do as it is to write this here.

What we have done instead is make things so complicated that it gets complex to separate all the emotions. We try to carry the burden of things around us, not feeling the pain it will cause us later on. As always, the epitome of righteousness, we carry the bundle of our society’s emotions as well. Half is what we have been taught, and the other half is what this make-believe world has turned us into. Living under the umbrella of opinions and expectations, we have turned ourselves into someone we never wanted to.

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