Grow through what you go through

We have all heard the saying, “Grow through what you go through.”

And we love to tell others this too, do we not? And we post it on social media as well. But is it so easy? Easier said than done.

When you go through something, you get stuck in that. It’s the loop that you are in which is making you pause, and when you cannot get out, you self-destruct yourself. The constant thinking and overthinking, the non-stop memories, the bottled-up emotions. It’s tough to open up, to end the loop, and to start afresh. It’s hard to overcome something that has scarred you or traumatized you. And it is difficult to move on and live like before. Every situation felt like the worst one and the last day to live. But look how far we all have come.

Growing up is not so easy, is it now?

Take a moment to pause and think. Think about the worst and the darkest moment in your life yet. Think what you have been through, what were the mistakes you did, and how you overcame that moment. The lowest point in your life, when nothing and everything mattered. Maybe then we will realise how much we have changed, how much life has taught us, how much we have experienced and grown. Think of the journey you have taken so far, and the person you are now.

Growing is not something that we can do. It happens naturally; however, we can help ourselves in growing. Think of every moment as a lesson, a lesson which will help us grow. All the moments, situations, people that have made you what you are. Remember that memory from childhood when you went out for a picnic, or maybe your first day of school? The friends that you made for life, and some which double crossed you. That one first love, the broken heart; the first job and the first car. The nights when you stayed up pondering over some things, some moments which made you cry.

Life is a journey. There will be blocks and there will be rain. There will be laughter and there will be a race. Live your life like a journey it is. Grow and be the wonderful person who you are today.

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