Appreciation Post

Role Model? Inspiration? Or maybe just some appreciation.

When we were kids, one of the most frequent questions that were asked used to be about a role model. I’m sure many of us named either some high-profile celebrity or our parents. I honestly do not remember what I used to say.

Now we are at an age when we actually understand the meaning behind it. Maybe for many of us, some celebrities or our parents are still role models. Many people might have inspired us throughout the years. However, there’s been only one whom I had always appreciated.

She is my friend, one of my closest friends. We have studied together only for a few years, and in that time, I have learned so much from her. She is the bravest soul I have ever met, selfless and the kindest. She has not only shown me how to survive, but to grow as well. We may not talk for weeks, but whenever we do, it’s like we have never been apart.

Sometimes she’s a kid at heart, other times she is too mature for her own self. Some people are rare, and she is a gem. Maybe it’s life that’s taught her so much, or it might be the way she always has been. No matter what, though, one cannot deny she is everything that many of us surely can aspire to be. She is one of those people whose voice echoes inside your head. Especially when you are going through a phase or face hurdles everywhere, your first thought is, “what would have she said? Am I being fair?”

We may not always show our emotions, but deep in our souls, some people leave their imprint. And if I ever have to name such a person, she will always be the one.

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