Baat ka batangad

Growing up in an Indian Family, there is this one saying that we have heard many times, “Baat ka batangad”. I paid no heed to it until I realized I was becoming the same person. Somehow, with time, I had done the same things at which I used to laugh. Oh, how the tables have turned!

When comes the realization, it hits hard. You think and overthink, start regretting some things, and the thoughts make you want to go back in time. How can a person change in the blink of an eye? Well, it does not happen in a moment. It had already started when you saw the people talking around you, the company you kept, and the jokes you heard, which had somehow turned into real scenarios. Slowly and gradually, you did not even notice how you had changed. And, mind you, changing is good, but only when it is for the better. Nothing is more harmful than changing for the worse.

It starts when you become a little stubborn. You do not end the talk at just the baat. You stretch it a bit, then a bit more. It comes down to the “why” of that thing. You are stubborn, and you will try to beat that “why” by hook or by crook. It can start with the simplest of things and can turn into useless questions like, “Why do we need to brush our teeth?” Just to beat that “why” you go to every length to prove yourself correct.

The baat ka batangad just doesn’t end here. It will challenge all the whys, hows, No’s, and Yes. Just like a battle that you are losing, but just don’t want to admit defeat. It is just a useless stretch that will keep on stretching unnecessarily. Remember those times when you pointed to others remarking, “Inhe to bas baat ka batangad banana ata hai”? Imagine somebody else saying the same for you.

When you realize the meaning of it and analyze what you have done, it just might change you for the better. Realizations bring change, and change for the better is one step closer to betterment.

Reposted from my blog written for The Times of India,

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