Things I wish I knew when I was younger

1. We always have a choice.

No matter the situation or circumstance, the choice will always be ours, and it’s that choice that will define our future path.

2. Age is just a number.

Young, old, or in between, age is just a number, after which we will always run. It doesn’t define maturity, experiences do.

3. You handle your own happiness.

No one but us can take care of ourselves. We are the reason for our own happiness. It is not anybody’s job to make us happy; it should be us who ourselves would feel happy when in the company of others.

4. Stop Overthinking.

Nothing kills as much as overthinking does. Do not overthink every single thing. It will pain you more than anything else.

5. Do not compare.

None of us are the same, and the things we do or want aren’t exactly the same. There is no comparison. Ever. Go at your own pace.

6. Grab every opportunity.

Take whatever comes your way. It’s better to not have any regrets. Grab every chance and opportunity.

7. Do what’s best for you

Do what you feel is best for you, even if it upsets people.

8. Have no expectations

You are enough. You have always been. Stop expecting from others. You can do it yourself.

Reposted from my blog written for The Times of India,

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