Epiphanies of Balance

The first picture shows me when I interact with others. The smiling, goofy, vibrant person who I am or trying to be. This might be what most of us look like or try to look like, or at least like to see others as. Who doesn’t want unicorns and rainbows? Who wouldn’t want a life with no problems, no failures, and only happiness?

Who would want a sulking, zoned out person’s company who’s simply lost and trying to pave a path, trying to get out of the shell? The second picture shows that. That’s what half of us might feel like internally. Many of us are tired. Tired of what? Tired of thinking too much? Too much pressure on our mind regarding unnecessary things, things which won’t even matter after a month or a year. Yet, it’s tough to let go.

We don’t move unless we don’t want to. We don’t succeed unless we work for it. Nothing will work unless we do.

Easier said than done? But what other options do we have? We all want things which are within our reach, yet for which we are not even willing to get up.

Step up, step up for the things you need, you require. Grab that book, or that football.

The second picture depicts most of my days. This was what I used to be, and still there are days when I feel like this and look like this. First picture is the one which, if it’s genuine, we see rarely. I am trying to find a balance. Balance between the mind, body, and soul. Balance which might not make me the happiest, but somewhere in between of what I am and how I want to be.

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