Hi there!

Hi there!

For those of you who do not know me, here’s a little something about me I now feel assured enough to share with you all.

I am 26 years old, have worked as an engineer and an HR, however, currently trying to pave the path for what I identify with. Married to a guy who is more of a friend and supporter than anything else. Living in a serene valley called Dehradun, where the mountains and rivers are the constant source of peace. Oh, and mother to a cute doggo.

What’s my journey like till date?

From an introvert, to a depressed one, to the outgoing and social person who I am now, the 26 years of my life have been a hell of a ride. And every single person, situation, and so many things have played a major part. From self-healing to self-love, this journey has taught me so much, and still there are plenty of things that are needed to be learned. Hence, treading on a journey which requires me to express, communicate and exchange which I have found difficulties in doing, so I’m trying to do them by taking one step at a time. As they say, “Life is a journey.”

What do I write about?

Anything and everything that I relate to. Mental health, self-healing, self-love, anxiety, body issues, weight loss journey, willpower, women empowerment, fashion, food, lists, and opinions, and so much more. If you are someone who relates to these as well, then we are on this journey together. Let’s live a life to make it a lifestyle.

Hoping to see you here back again. Ciao!!

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