Sweet Cravings

Cake, ice cream, chocolates. *Swoon!*

I have a sweet tooth. I am one of those whom you’ll always find in the dessert section. Not sure how some people don’t like it. How tough it must be for some, like for instance, people with diabetes, to not to eat anything sweet.

Well, me eating something sweet every 2 minutes was a few weeks ago. Now, I might still be seen in the dessert section from time to time. However, recently I have been trying to control my sweet cravings. Really, it’s a challenge to see people around you eating ice cream, or cakes, and for you to sit there ogling them; it takes hell lot of self-control and patience. I love everything sweet, and still do. Whether it be candies, chocolate, baked desserts, etc. I could have lived on sugar alone.

Recently, too many things, let’s say, have happened. Now I am on the path to healthy living, which (sigh!) includes healthy eating; meaning less sugar, more of other healthy nutrients.

However, I have found a really excellent solution to crib down my sweet cravings. Frozen grapes!

Yes, you read it right. For people like me, with a sweet tooth and an inclination towards icy things, this is the perfect solution. Where was I living for the last 26 years?

Just rinse some grapes, and put them in the freezer overnight. And, boom, you have a healthy snack to satisfy your sweet tooth.

It’s time to try something new. Why not try something natural for a change?

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