How many of us do not feel mentally stable?

Getting angry at smallest of things, or overthinking so much that we feel depressed. In this era, we give importance to mental health, and rightly so. We are progressing, be it technology, be it infrastructure, or be it lifestyle. Same thing goes for health, be it physical, or mental. Many of us are dealing with health issues. It’s just some of us don’t know it yet, or aren’t ready to accept it.

Are we dealing with it, though? Do we take any steps to improve us, or we think of it as a phase, which will go with time, no effort or therapy needed?

Each one of us has a different way of dealing with our problems. Some may seek solutions, some may let it go, some may panic or feel anxious, some may leverage therapy.

Therapy can be of any form. It can be talking to another person; it can be writing in a journal; it can be reading; it can be painting; it can be whatever you want it to be. Anything that is calming you, making you see a clearer path, controlling the chaos, and maybe in the process letting you find some solutions. It can be a counselling session for one, or it can be a movie marathon for another. Just like the right’s and wrong are different for everyone, so are the solution.

Just breathe, and believe.

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