To the Way back Home

Do you ever feel exhausted? Not in the physical sense, but mentally. There are all kinds of troubles, be it small or big, just some things that tire us. Things that might make us angry, make us cry, or worse, make us silent.

We fall into ourself; we get silent, we zone out, we simply get just tired of the entire world. It feels like no one understands us. We are own partner, our own pillar, our own motivator, our own inspiration.

How many times in our life have we felt that this is it? The end. The end of a chapter, or end of a relationship, or end of life.

We regret everything; our choices, our wishes, the way we have lived, the things we have experienced. We turn the wonderful memories into bad one, and bad ones into terrible ones. We want to be in a good place, but are unable to. We feel like pulling our hair, too exhausted to lift our arms. We feel lonely, and breaking down with every breath.

We don’t see any reason. It’s the thoughts, the chaos, the negativity that get into the brain.

One thing to understand, to overcome, to breathe, and to live peacefully: we do not have control over others. Period. We can’t help how the other person is thinking, feeling, or reacting. We can only control ourselves.

So what if your mother didn’t go shopping with you? Go by yourself. So what if you are hungry? Cook yourself. So what if you want to buy something but can’t? Work for it, earn for it.

You are the reason for your own happiness. Let’s ignore the surrounding chaos. The drama, the noise, the rants, and the excuses. One step towards the happiness you deserve. You.

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