How we have grown! 

Time has flown like anything, and now when we think about it, we have missed out on so much. What has happened to that young girl, who used to wear her heart on her sleeve, who always needed an excuse for a celebration, who could not get enough of her friends? What happened to that girl who used to love drawing, who was always engrossed in novels, who was always cheerful?

Looks like we all grew up a bit too much.

Life has its way of playing with us. We all have aims, different groups, and life and lessons have changed us drastically. Memories are like a time machine that takes us back to a completely different era.

Are we lost? Or are we just too busy to find our way? Well, we might be lost, we might be busy, or we might be lazy, but the fact is, then we are stuck. Stuck in the same cycle of nothingness, the constant stress, the comparison, and the complaints.

Do we all look at others? Their perfect life, good income, happy face, and stress free day? But is that reality, or is it just us consoling ourselves? We see others living their perfect life in a bubble, which just might not be true. It’s our way of consoling ourselves, to make us feel better. Only if!

Like a star in the sky, we try to get things without doing the minimum. It’s time to stretch our hands and grab the light before it’s turned off.

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