Formal Finesse

I love to wear formals, as much as I love to roam wearing my pajamas.

Being in pajamas at home is all about being comfy, wherein wearing formal is a statement, whether it be to look professional, elegant, or confident.

Personally, for me, formals are the best kind of clothing that there is (of course, after pajamas). You need to attend a meeting, wear formals; you need to look sharp, wear formals; or if it’s the confidence that you are looking for, wear formals.

Most of us have to go to the office or attend meetings, which are just a part of our daily routine. Here are some color combos that won’t fail you in your formal attire.

  1. Navy blue and green.
  2. Black and olive.
  3. Red and black.

Though when in doubt, don’t. These are just some of the color combos that work really well for me. Of course, everything has to be tried and tested. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little!

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