Black & White

Sometimes, everything feels so simple.

And it’s just us who are trying to make things complex.

It’s a simple yes or a no.

You want it, yes.

You don’t want it, no.

Then why so many but’s, so many maybe’s, so many if’s.

Let’s be honest, half of us overthink things. Whether it is anything, from the kind of food to the time of sleep, we think and think until it eats us alive.

What could be the worst thing that could happen? We won’t like the food, we’ll eat something else. We won’t wake up on time and miss an important appointment, so we’ll learn to sleep early and get up on time.

Learning is what we do our whole life, and it won’t ever be enough.

Why? Why do we torture ourselves?

Human nature? Maybe. Have we made it our lifestyle? Possible.

Let’s try looking at solutions, though.

Yes or No. Simple enough.

Stop doubting, stop thinking, stop wasting time, and stop making yourself mad. Just for once, maybe let things be black or white, and not grey. And see how simplified your life will be.

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