How to NOT get bored

We all are human, more or less. And from time to time, we get some free time on our hands, and we feel bored. Of course, some are more bored than others, and some might not at all get bored ever.

Here’s a list of things to do when you feel bored.

1.       Read. Half of the population doesn’t like to read, or so I have heard. Try it, though. You might end up reading 1 page only, but try to read. Coz there’s just another world hidden in those pages, which might be an escape or end up being an inspiration.

2.       Take up a hobby. Have we all not heard this before? And, no, you do not take up a hobby in 1 day. 10 minutes though we all can spare every day. Something that you enjoy, something that you always wanted to do, but never had the guts or time to do it. Draw, sing, cook, it can be anything.

3.       Organize. Most of us are too lazy to clean up after ourselves. No, it’s not magic that cleans up your room itself, or stacks your clothes. Maybe try organizing things, or help with household chores.

4.       Connect. Do we all not have people with whom we have been meaning to connect for so long now? Well, this is the time to do it. Because tomorrow never comes. And what better time than the present?

5.       Do something meaningful. There will always be something that we can learn. Life’s a journey, and we are walking till we are not. Learn a new language, or take a cooking class. Anything that interests you even a little.

Of course, there are n numbers of things that we can do. But, remember; always do something that you enjoy. But to know if you’ll enjoy it, you gotta try it first.

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