Dear 20 year old me,

Dear 20 year old me,

I wish you were okay at that time. So many things have changed. I don’t think you even remember what you were crying about yesterday. Every teeny tiny issue was a huge problem then. And now, I realize those problems were not even problems.

I have grown so much. You really would have been so proud of me.

Do you remember one time when you cried after arguing at home? What was it even about?

You always used to think, let me get older and I will live like I want to be. Trust me, you grow with time. And then you realize that each moment is precious, and for you may be the best days were your college days only.

Remember how you used to paint and draw so much? Now I do not even get the time to pick colors.

Life was beautiful and still is. Trust me, though, you should have enjoyed the time you had. Coz you never get another moment twice. And each moment has its value. Now when I think about it, you missed out on many things.

You were so naïve and simple. And now look at you all grown up. How I wish you would have known what a luxury it is to live.

I have lived alone, traveled to places, made new friends, and have more people in my family. I have switched jobs, taken up new hobbies, following a better lifestyle. But, most of all, I have learned to love myself.

I know, if you could have seen me, you wouldn’t believe it. At your age, my thinking was limited. Hell, my life was limited. Every little problem was the end of the world. I smile when I think about you.

I love you, but I love myself more.



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