21 Days

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit.

And 90 days for it to become a part of your lifestyle.

Is it really true? Or is it just a myth?

There have been all kinds of research, inspirational stories, and popular beliefs linking to it. Of course, whether it’s true or just a myth depends totally on us. But it sounds good, to make something a part of life in just a few days. Imagine your goals and habits.

If only things were that easy. I tried it once. I was trying to give up sugar (Let’s be honest, 80% of us love sugar!), needless to say, I was unsuccessful. That time 21 days definitely didn’t work for me.

I am trying it again now. Trying to make it a part of healthy living (Let’s see after 21 days where I stand!)

However, I have seen people following these 21 days’ rules and succeeding too.

Make a goal. Plan it out. Focus on it. Give your 100%.

Not as easy as “eat, sleep, party, repeat” I’m sure.

Nonetheless, people have achieved their target. 21/90 rule to form a habit and lifestyle sounds good but is really not so easy to follow. Is it inspiring? For me, yes. But is it easy? Big fat no. The temptation to not follow rules and give in to your cravings is just too much.

This time, fingers crossed.

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