What is friendship?

Your way of dealing with the crap the world throws at you.

Family is something you get when you are born. But it’s your friends that you choose to make another family.

Can you count on your fingers how many people you have that will stand with you through thick and thin? I do. I can proudly say I have a group of friends that I consider my family. Through all my ups and downs, all my lows and highs, every thick and thin, they were there.

We always do not need to deal with things alone. All the crap that we get, no, we do not need to deal with it solo.

How many people are there for whom you will wake at the dead of night? And, no, the obligatory ones do not count.

How do you cope with things? Alone all the time? Even when you do not need to?

Start trusting some people. People who you know will be there for you. People that you can rely on. And start dealing with the crap together.

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