Do you ever feel some kind of self-satisfaction even in the smallest of things?

Like you wanted to drink plenty of water each day, but by some means, you could not? But you drank 3 liters of water today. Achievement!

Or maybe you were wanted to work out, but were too lazy to get out of bed during winters. But today, you did it. You did your workout. That feeling!

That feeling of complacency. Isn’t happiness found in the smallest of things? Some kind of achievement; a smile with no reason; eating to the fullest on a cheat day; completing the project you were working on; or just a peaceful sleep.

I believe that there are two categories of people. One who is always stressed out. Fretting over everything, and getting confused within themselves. In the second falls those who are calm, controlled, and in peace. It’s these two personalities that people keep switching between. And most of us are the ones who keep switching between the two.

When you achieve something, however small be it, you switch from the first to the second one. And that is when you hit complacency. Try it, if you haven’t. It will make you soar. And even the stupidest of things won’t be able to spoil your mood.

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