Choice or a chance

Do you remember when you were asked to choose your electives in college? Or maybe when you had to choose between two different flavored muffins? Or maybe when you had to choose between dresses for a movie night?

Every choice that you make has a great impact later on in life. It might be just regarding your dresses or it can be a major life-changing decision. It can regard your studies, your career, and your life partner, or maybe just about you.

We like to say this lot, oh it was by chance this happened, or oh look, they are so lucky to get that. But, no, it’s not a chance or luck; it’s the choices that we made that make all the difference.

When people say choose wisely, it’s actually true that yes, choose wisely, coz your actions, your choices, later on, define a lot about you. It can make you, or it can break you. As they say, the choice is yours and yours only. There’s always a yes or a no. This or that. Even if there is an in-between, that too is a choice. Everything is a choice.

Think about it. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream. You want both, so you had a scoop of both the ice creams; and that too is a choice.

Blaming someone else for your choices is not the answer; Coz there will always be a choice. Your choice.

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