That Friday Feeling!

It’s Friday, and I’m getting my usual Friday feel. You know that feeling when you know that for the next 2 days, nothing will go wrong. No worry, no stress. You can just laze around like an alligator and binge on some TV series with your favorite junk food. And you can go to sleep late, coz you do not need to worry about getting up early for the office. Yup, that feeling!

However, I haven’t planned on doing much this weekend, except taking my usual dose of laziness. I do plan on doing some shopping and my weekly skincare routine, and of course, binge-watch some TV.

Here are some of my all-time favorite shows to binge-watch.

  1. Bodyguard: Just a 6 episode series, though so gripping and thrilling. You need not be a fan of politics to watch this one. In the end, it’s all about honor and honesty.
  2. Bridgerton: Swoon! Being the book nerd that I am, it gave me immense happiness to see that one of my favorite books has been turned into a TV show. Can’t wait for the second season!
  3. Sense 8: This suspense series will keep you on your toes. A must watch! Really should have watched this when it was released.
  4. Baarish: A simple and sweet romantic story. The struggle of living in the real world, and the hardships of family and relationship. Just one word. Amazing!

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