Stop existing and start living!

Are you happy? Or are you just content?

What’s the difference? Isn’t it the same thing?

When we are truly enjoying doing something, then we are happy. But if we are just doing it for the sake of completing it and getting something back, then we are just content.

Today during lunch I observed something. Every one of us in my family was busy or distracted during lunch; except my grandfather. Everyone was on their phone or thinking about something. Except for that 97-year-old person, who was simply enjoying his food.

Yes, he liked it; he was enjoying it, and most of all, he was happy.

What were we doing? We were so distracted by our own problems that we didn’t even realize what our lunch tasted like. We are robots following instructions; we are busy trying to make everyone around us happy, that we have not realized what we have done to ourselves.

We have become old at a young age; we try to find reasons to smile;

Do you not enjoy it when you get that last slice of pizza? I definitely do. Coz there are no worries, just pizza and that moment we are enjoying.

Do you not enjoy the company of your friends? Do you not enjoy a good book?

We do; because there are no worries. Just the surrounding people, or the story we are so engrossed in.

When we can enjoy such moments, then why do we not enjoy what we do regularly?

Yes, there are many factors, and many of them will be financially related. But it’s not impossible. You can be financially stable doing something that you actually love, that you actually enjoy. You can be both content and happy.

Just take some time and think about it. Are you content doing something that you do? Or are you enjoying it so much that you are actually happy?

Let’s stop chasing. And start living.

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