Life Goal: Get a life goal

School. College. Job. Family.

Sounds like our whole lives are a busy schedule, doesn’t it?

When in school, it feels like the toughest time in our life. After that, when in college, it feels the hardest. Job, of course, has its fair share of challenges. Family has its own trials.

What’s the goal, though?

Do we not keep on pushing it to tomorrow?

We talk about aim when in school and college. And the answer’s usually to become a doctor, or an engineer, or a pilot, etc.

But, what’s the goal?

We never take our time to think about it. We see our life as it goes by.

And we realize things when it’s too late; and sometimes never.

What have we done to ourselves? We are running. Running after job, running after people, running after money. Running after everything.

The first goal in life is to get a life goal. Let’s stop living aimlessly. Let’s do what we love to do; what makes us happy, what we really enjoy. The path to our goal always need not be hard and stressful. It will be what you make it out to be.

No regrets. Plan and execution.

Let’s take out some time to think, at least, about the goal in life. And follow it to the T. Earliest the better. Think about your goal, and plan on how to go about it. It’s never too late to start.

Coz we are never gonna stop running. So why not run after what we actually want, rather than just fulfilling it as an obligation?

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