Week in a Nutshell

How was our whole week? Monday to Friday, we either achieved something, or we wasted them.

It can be completing your work on time or it can be a revolution. Or lying in bed and daydreaming is all we did.

Was there an in-between?

Well, I’ll talk about mine.

  1. I learned to bake cookies. (Is sugar ever too much?)
  2. I met my deadline at the office. (Yes, but I still have a lot more to do.)
  3. I slept for 7 hours every day. (Wish I could have slept some more. Oh, well, that’s what weekends are for.)
  4. I prepared breakfast every day. (Not getting bored of oats, fruits, and toasts any time soon)
  5. I reached the office on time every damn day. (An achievement in itself!)
  6. I restacked my cupboard. (Oh that feeling when you see all your clothes, again and again, *swoon*)
  7. I read Honor’s Splendor by Julie Garwood. (Again yes. Coz I cannot get enough of it.)
  8. I started my new hair care routine. (Let’s see if it works.)

Well, all in all, I don’t think I wasted my week. Of course, there were moments when I was as lazy as a log. (Hey, don’t judge me. I am human after all!)

How was your week?

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