The Saree Scuffle

I have never been the one to wear a saree often. Only occasions like weddings and festivals demand to be all decked up, and the only quick solution is the saree then. The draping of a saree is as difficult as walking while wearing it. How the hell am I supposed to walk in it when it feels like I’m going to trip every other step?

But whatever the difficulties one faces with a saree, one cannot deny the grace and beauty of being in it. Of course, Indian wear doesn’t only stop at sarees because let’s be honest, as diverse as India is in terms of religion, it is equally diverse when it comes to clothes. But we are here today to talk about the saree scuffle, which I am sure I am not the only one who faces it.

Saree is that versatile traditional garment which can be worn for any occasion, and you will never go wrong with it. Be it formal events, casual outings or everyday use, it will remain that timeless piece of cloth which will adjust itself to the situation. Oh, the numerous designs and the various colours, the common 6 yards and the unique patterns, just few of the many things to love about.

One can complain about the struggles of wearing a saree but cannot deny the beauty of it. For the last 2 years, I have been wearing a saree to family events, and trust me when I say I have received more compliments in these last 2 years than I have received in my whole life. Of course, wearing a saree was the last thing on my mind, but somehow, it so happened that I ended up wearing it (no complaints there!) Of course, it’s still a task for me to walk in it properly, but at least, I am a pro at draping it now. Baby steps!

FYI, I am not trying to change anyone’s mind here, but merely asking to give a chance to that piece of cloth which makes you struggle more than life itself. And maybe, just maybe, you will fall in love with something unexpected.

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