Curly Hair Struggles?

Hey there! It’s been a while and there’s so much to catch up on. But before that, do tell me how you all are?

I have shifted to Bangalore now (used to live here a few years back!) and I am again in love with the weather and in hate with the traffic. Just Bangaloreans things, right? I am surprised at how this place has changed so much (no complains though).

To be honest, I am also surprised how my hair has changed so much along these last few years. As we all know, most of us girls are too attached to our hair. And, somehow, these so-called good hair days, we rarely see.

From the beginning, my hair was slightly wavy, and I got treatment done to get them straightened. But now again when I have all my natural hair back, bang! they are curly. I am really understanding the meaning of the phrase “curly hair problems”. Good hair days have deteriorated from rarely to never, and these natural curly hairs have a mind of their own to be fluffed up like a ball.

Never the one to use hair tools much, trust me when I say, the struggle is real ladies! It seems most of my time goes into taming my hair especially on a head wash day. I am really trying to stay positive here but somehow, I am having trouble seeing the silver lining.

Here’s what so far, I have learned with my current curly hair (links attached for your reference):

  • Always use a hair mask at the end of head wash. The fluffed hair tends to do down a bit then. ( )
  • Use hair serum on head wash days to lessen the frizz. ( )
  • Definitely apply heat protection hair mist if you are using heat appliances. I use the mist even if I am not using any heating tools, somehow my hair tames better with it. ( )
  • To get rid of the flyaways, I use a Slickup stick. ( )

Do let me know if any of you go through the same curly hair problems and what routine do you follow?

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