Snippet 3

Oh, how life likes to play. There were butterflies in the stomach when we waited for the result. While waiting for the call, we couldn’t keep calm. Checking our phones every 2 minutes just to see that one awaited email. Those were the days, just out of college, to start the next chapter of our life. The many tests and interviews, and the non-stop pacing and prayers just to get selected.

Job. One of the important accomplishments in life, and challenging to the core.

Something which used to be the most vital and awaited decisions now doesn’t even hold a candle to some of the other things in life.

Getting a job is an accomplishment. The independence which comes with it is like the icing on top. The learning and the experience, the high and low, the joys and stress. It is that one chapter of our lives where we get to experience it all. So much worries, so much laughter, and unlimited scope to move further.

We grow with the knowledge and experience. We shape ourselves into someone who will be there till the end of life. Along with everything else, we meet many people who all play an important role in this chapter of life. Some of which are easily forgotten, and some remain till the very end. Few we can call our own, and many who were just the supporting cast of the movie called life.

Looking back to the person we were at our first job, and the person we are now, how much we have changed. Some of us have lived, and some of us are still living, yet we all have worked, not for others only, but for ourselves as well.

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