Boggled Mind

I think many will agree with me when I say not all day are roses and rainbows. Some days are thunder, rainy and cloudy as well.

Same is with the state of mind. Mind is not always happy, calm, or proper functioning. Some days it’s dull for no reason, simply stops working.

I have been feeling that a lot lately. Many things are happening at the same moment, and it gets too much to compartmentalize. The mind just shuts down, unable to think properly, tears flow, and binge eating follows. It has become a pattern. Sometimes the sayings I try to live by work, but other days I have to keep on reminding myself to keep going. Every step toward self-healing takes me closer to self-love.

What’s important is now I know my triggers for stress; however, I have not yet mastered the art of handling it. Everyone has different sources. It can be anything. From a bug to a boring job, or somebody’s pinching words, to some kind of commitment. What matters is that we identify the source and learn to control it. It is not easy, but then nothing is. But trying is still better than not even bothering to try. We need to learn to help ourselves first.

One thing we need to understand is that it’s not helping anyone when we keep things bottled up inside us. Matters which are hurting us from inside, making our mind go crazy. What’s the worst that could happen? And so, what if it does? If something is bothering you, instead of ignoring it, make it stop by working on it. Work on it, talk it out. Stress shortens not only your life span, but makes it a living hell as well.

Start pinning the sources and find the solutions, because in the end, it is you for yourself.

YOU are important. YOU are worth it. YOU are amazing.

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