One word. Multiple roles.

Daughter. Sister. Wife. Daughter In Law. Mom. Working Woman.

The same goes for the other gender. Each and every person plays various roles throughout their life. Yet, half of us do not even know when International men’s day is celebrated.

Why? Why do we give more importance to women, or why don’t we?

Women by nature are much better at most things than men are. It is not said to compare, but a general fact.

Pain. Patience. Power.

Load. Love. Life.

Care. Careful. Comrade.

A woman can play all kinds of roles. She is the tigress, the dove, and everything in between.

Everyone has a role to play, be it men, women, or anyone. But it is a woman, who sees to it that her role is played perfectly.

She can be fragile, she can be fierce. She can be soft, she can be stubborn.

She is the son, she is the daughter. And she is there when no one is.

She is equal to a man. She is the one giving life. She is the one simplifying your life.

She will shine, not just today, but every day.

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