The conundrum of not being able to say NO

I want to eat that piece of cake, but I’m not able to say no. Why though? I’m full, and I have already eaten. Then why can I not say no?

It looks so tempting, does it not?

Not being able to do what you want to, just because the temptation is too much. Such is life.

I really don’t wanna go on vacation with family and friends, but saying no would get me endless lectures for letting them down. So I say yes.

So many things, so many reasons, and so many judgments that we are afraid of.

So what if I say no? They will judge me. Let them.

They will get angry. Let them.

What will they do that could be so bad?

Nothing. Being unhappy with yourself just to make others happy is just not fair.

Let’s stop giving others so much power. Power over ourselves. The Importance that you deserve first.

And start saying no to your inner self. To your mind first. Do not let the “Yes” control you.

Your life. Your happiness.

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