Things that keep me organized

Not to brag or anything, but I feel like I am the most organized person I have ever met. No, I don’t have OCD. Just a wish(nope, not need) to be organized.

I have busy days. In fact, every day is a busy day.

I go to the office to work; I help around in the house; I like to cook; I write a blog, and I love to watch a movie or read a good book. And, along with this, there are so many things that are needed to be done as well.

How do I keep myself organized, though?

Well, I always make a to-do list. Not a single day goes by, even for the tiniest of things, when I do not make a list. I feel it’s the best way that I can keep myself organized, and do not forget a single thing even on the busiest of days. (I am making good use of the Notes app on my phone!)

I use another app to keep a track of my finances. Spending app is the one that I use, and, trust me, my finances are so sorted now. (I need to stop spending so much on eating out!)

I write in my journal every day. It’s not related to being organized, but I feel it does great wonders to my mind. I can pour all the crap out of my mind into the paper, and it just makes me feel so light.

I might be an organized freak, but I am a damn good one at that!

One response to “Things that keep me organized”

  1. A to-do list really helps keep my day on track. Without one, I just drift from one meaningless task to another.

    Another great tool I use is Notion. It’s pretty awesome in terms of keeping all my important info, from recipes to calendars. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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