Life of a (wo)man

We all know women play different roles throughout their life.

A daughter; a sister; a wife; a daughter in law; a mother; and so on.

Being a daughter, we expect her to help her mother in the kitchen. Being a sister, she is supposed to be happy by taking second place in the family after her brother. Being a wife, we expect her to manage the house and make it a home. And the list goes on.

Even if she is a working woman, we expect her to manage it all, along with her work.

Why so? Because she is a woman? Being a woman is nothing to be ashamed of! Then why is she expected to do everything, yet the men take the credit of being the pillar of the house?

Yes, women are treated equally now, but the expectation still exists, does it not?

We are the people of the 21st generation. And, yes, we understand this lot better than the people before us. Even so, we see this from time to time. From place to place.

Doing something willing is entirely different, and then expecting someone to do it.

I have seen women and men being treated equally, and I have seen them being treated unfairly.

And it’s not just about women that I talk about. Sometimes it’s men too.

People say that kids learn from their parents. And so the cycle will never end. Do we want to pass this on to the next generation? Let’s be the change today so that it can reflect tomorrow.

We are the people of today, then why are we living like yesterday?

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