Confidence and Communication

What is the first thing that people notice about you? And no I am not talking about appearance here.

Whoever you are interacting with, especially if it’s in a professional capacity, will always judge you on the basis of your communication. However, if you are confident, then communication will take second place.

Confidence and communication go hand in hand.

Even if you do not have half the knowledge about the topic, though you are confident and communicating well enough in what you are saying, then nothing else will matter much.

Because these two C’s are the only thing that nobody can teach you. If it’s a skill, you can learn. If it’s talent, then you must have it. Confidence you have to build up yourself, and communication you have to continuously keep working on. Rest everything you can learn over time.

But is it so easy?

No, it’s not. You keep thinking that this might not be the correct way to say it, or your communication is not good, which will only deteriorate your confidence.

Keep in mind that you know it, even if you don’t. Every other person will run over you if you let them. Stand up, speak up, and do it with confidence. You have to act with confidence, and rest everything will fall into place. Make a script, jot down your points, and over time that script will just be a piece of paper. Work on yourself, coz no one else will. Get that confidence and start communicating.

It’s one of the keys to being successful. Take your time, do it slowly. But do it. Do it and you will see the wonders that it will do.

You need to act like it in order to get it.

There are many books available that can help you in boosting your confidence.

Click on these links to get yours: or

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