Morning Musings

What is the first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning?

Do you check your phone? Or do you run straight to the washroom? Do you look at the person sleeping beside you? Or do you simply lie in bed for some time and ponder over the thing that’s troubling your mind?

Is life really so complex? Or is it just us that are trying to make it hard for ourselves?

Maybe wake up, and for 10 minutes, just 10 minutes, take a walk outside or sit in the garden. Look at the beauty around you that there exists. Yes, we all have a busy schedule and unlimited things on our minds. But why make it more complex?

Are we just too lazy to simplify our life? Or are we now accustomed to complexities in life?

However, in the end, do we not crave peace? Yet, we are not willing to work for it.

Make a schedule. Prepare a list. That to-do list remains a to-do list only.

Let’s do it now. Let’s cross things out.

Take that vacation that you so wanted to, but never got the time for. Wear that dress that you wanted to, but were scared of people’s opinion. Read that book that’s been lying on your bedside for forever.

Dance, sing, watch a movie, sleep. Just don’t second guess. Do what makes you happy. Yes, certainly, you need to earn to pay for your expenses. But earn that doing something that you actually love.

If you are thinking that it’s easier said than then done, then yes you are right. Nobody said that it’s easy to get everything in your hand. Work for it. And when things start happening the way you wanted them to, then there’s no greater peace.

Cross that list now. Work for it. And when you are happy, you will find that peace.

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