• Snippet 3

    Oh, how life likes to play. There were butterflies in the stomach when we waited for the result. While waiting for the call, we couldn’t keep calm. Checking our phones every 2 minutes just to see that one awaited email. Those were the days, just out of college, to start the next chapter of our…

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  • Snippet 4

    You know, those people that we see with perfect families? The ultra cool parents, every weekend picnics, the tight circle of best friends, cousins turned friends and the ultimate chilled-out relatives. Well, most of us never had that. And it sounds too good to be true. But, no, seriously, some people have this. The thick…

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  • Snippet 5

    When we usually see others, we assume the perfect life they must be living. The beautiful house which we see in their snaps, the cool and classy clothes they wear, the parties on weekends, and the loving family and friends circle they have. It’s natural to think the best when we see this from afar.…

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  • You

    The one who always used to hide. Were you that person? Or were you the one who was always available? You have always stood by those whom you called family. You have been the one to care too much. The person who was crying at night, were you that? Or were you the one who…

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  • Let Go!

    When we feel things spiralling out of our fingers, we try to grab onto them, not realising the damage we do to our hand or to that thing by holding them too hard in order to save them. I feel it’s the same with all our situations in life as well. Whether it be anything,…

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  • Way back Home

    When the sun rises, and you turn towards the person next to you, to check on them. When you get ready for work, and hurriedly take your coffee along with you, and maybe skip the breakfast. When at the office, you enjoy work as much as you enjoy working with your colleagues. When while coming…

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About the author

Pratibha Upreti Sharma is a content creator and visual storyteller. She is a digital creator who experiments with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.


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