• Weight or Wait?

    It is the truth when we say that losing weight is a lot harder than gaining weight. That feeling when a chubby person is called fat, or big, or body shamed in any way is not one that goes away easily. It leaves an impact in such a way that either motivates a person or…

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  • Treading on a journey we all have to take

    Since the day we are born, we are told how to talk, how to behave, how to live. They teach us a lot of things, things that will help us in the future, things that will make us grow. However, what we are not told is how to keep going. Even at the best or…

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  • Snippet 2

    The place which carries the fondest of memories, where the reality sets in, the struggles of life imagined, genuine bonds formed, and true faces of people seen. The one and only place it is: college. The jitters in entering the new phase to life, from a teenager to an adult, is what comes to mind…

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  • Things I wish I knew when I was younger

    1. We always have a choice. No matter the situation or circumstance, the choice will always be ours, and it’s that choice that will define our future path. 2. Age is just a number. Young, old, or in between, age is just a number, after which we will always run. It doesn’t define maturity, experiences…

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  • 10 ways to calm down

    Reposted from my blog written for Times Of India, We all are human, and it’s in our nature to show emotions. Emotions can be of any type, from laughter to anger to crying. When a person is highly emotional, his/her thinking gets affected, which results in poor decision-making. Psychology says one can learn to…

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  • Living under the bundle of expectations

    Reposted from my blog for Times Of India Digital Edition, Recently, I had to start psychotherapy, because of the stress of things that I had been feeling lately. Too many changes in life suddenly, and no one to turn to sometimes does that to a person. Something that my therapist said struck a chord.…

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Pratibha Upreti Sharma is a content creator and visual storyteller. She is a digital creator who experiments with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.


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